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Galapagos scuba diving

Galapagos scuba diving

The Galapagos Islands were named as one of the 7 underwater wonders of the world by CEDAM International. As a diver in the Galapagos you are likely to swim eye to eye with sea lions, sea turtles, giant mantas and hammerhead sharks in addition to tropical reef fish. On land you will find yourself side-stepping over impish land iguanas, nesting blue-footed boobies and scuttling sally lightfoot crabs.

To conserve this wealth of sea-life, the Galapagos Marine Resources Reserve (GMRR), with waters totaling 27,000 square miles, was signed into law in 1986. The law protects marine life 15 nautical miles offshore. In 1998, the Special Law for Galapagos extended the off-limits restrictions for industrial fishing to 40 miles offshore. Galapagos is not the place to learn to dive. Diving is often straight-forward but strong currents, low visibility, large animals and cold water. Better qualified divers are more likely to enjoy the underwater experience (C.M.A.S. 2 star minimum qualification recommended).

Galapagos marine life

The islands feature about 30 dive sites. Most experienced divers will agree, Wolf and Darwin are the best diving sites in the world! Sightings of the whale shark is common here. There are no land visitor sites here, just serious diving. At the Northern Arch at Darwin, Hammerhead sharks are not uncommon, nor are bottlenose dolphins. The reef contains many warm water varieties of fish found nowhere else in the Islands and is the most consistent place to see Hammerheads

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