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Galapagos snorkeling

Galapagos Islands snorkelingGalapagos is a paradise for snorkellers. Most of the Islands have excellent submarine sites, so you will be able to do snorkeling almost every day.

Young sea lions get close, in a playing attitude, and make all kinds of movements around you, almost touching you when they race by your side. Fish species of all kinds and colors inhabit these waters, sharing their environment with lobsters, corals, anemones, seaweed, sea stars, and thousands of invertebrates, among other animals that fill with life and color this exotic underwater world.

Penguins dive by your side, leaving a trail of bubbles, while in a different Island you may find yourself next to a Ray, which will pass next to you while moving it's wing like fins, and of course there will always be a curious sea turtle that will come near you to observe your moves, scaring off fish schools, which create a tunnel for her to pass through.

Galapagos turtle

Almost all boat tours make snorkeling an integral part of their itineraries, but some boats may charge an extra equipment rental fee. Also, the quality of snorkelling equipment may vary widely amongst boats.

The Devil's Crown, a submerged volcano, offers the best snorkeling in the Galapagos.

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