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Galapagos surfing

Galapagos Islands surferGalapagos is very heavy surf and is only recommended for experienced surfers. You should bring two surfboards, one over 7 feet and a smaller surfboard.

The Galapagos is in an ideal geographical location to pick up the brunt of North Pacific ground swells which pound Hawaii but bypass Mexico and Central America due to their south-facing orientation. As such, the Galapagos islands are on a short list of locations which really amplify and harvest the power of North Pacific ground swells and enjoy ideal weather and wind conditions. The best season for Surfing the Galapagos Islands is from December through May, since this is the time period that the Galapagos Islands receives both north and south swells. However, there is good surf all year and the winds are also usually offshore.

Galapagos sea lion

The reason the surf is better on norths is mainly because this means there are twice as many surfing spots that you can surf if you can catch the swell on both directions.

Water temp ranged from 70 deg F to 78 deg F. The average being 75 deg F. Water was crystal clear. All breaks were rounded lava rock. Access in and out of the water was difficult. The best way to the surf is by panga. The waves break with island power. The main spots are Carola, El Canon, El Tongo, and the Loberia. There are also spots only accessible by boats.

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