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Galapagos swim with dolphins

Galapagos swim with dolphins

Galapagos Islands, an untouched natural paradise. Two species of dolphin are frequently seen while touring the islands. These are bottled-nosed dolphin and the common dolphin.

The bottled-nosed dolphin is the one most likely to bee seen swimming in front of boats, riding the bow wave. By day or by night, from two to a dozen or more of these graceful creatures may come to the bow and spend as much as half an hour "piloting" the boat.

This is specially spectacular on dark nights when the bioluminescence outlines their bodies and makes them glow as they race thought the water. As they swim close to the boat you ay hear their high-pitched squeaking.

Galapagos Islands dolphinThe common dolphin is less likely to come to your ship, but, when, see, it is often in schools of over one hundred individuals. It is a smaller and has more white on its underparts than the bottle-nosed dolphin.

Many people dream of swimming with dolphins but few are able to make the dream come true. The Galapagos' visitors can here swim with dolphins and sea lions or admire giant turtles at the beach. There is plenty of time for relaxing but, if you'd prefer to be more active, then there are opportunities for diving and kayaking, for example.

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