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Galapagos wildlife expeditions

Galapagos wildlife expeditions, sea lionsMost small ships have excellent nature and wildlife programs including knowledgeable expedition leaders to take passengers on hikes or in zodiacs to find wildlife in the area. marine-iguana. The Galapagos wildlife is unique in the world, the exotic animals that can only be seen in the enchanted islands. Galapagos wildlife is one of the major attractions these islands have to offer to its thousands of visitors each year.

Galapagos were made famous with the publication of Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species in 1859, in which he proposed natural selection as a mechanism for evolution. Darwin set off to see if there were anymore peculiarities. They were not hard to find. He started with the vegetation. Of the 193 samples he collected, 100 of these were native only to the Galapagos. The birds of Galapagos were also fascinating. They were tame and seemed to have no fear of man. Darwin identified twenty-six species of birds. Of these, twenty-five of them were found nowhere else on earth. Thirteen species of the aboriginal birds were finches.

Galapagos iguana

The reptiles of the Galapagos also intrigued Darwin. Here the reptile to mammal ratio was as it had been when dinosaurs ruled the planet. There were giant, deaf tortoises with strange shells that seemed adapted to the type of food they ate. Large lizards sunning themselves on coastal rocks after swimming in the ocean for their meal of seaweed. Again, nowhere else in the world were there such creatures.

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