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Coral I cruise

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Galapagos cruises, Coral I cruiseThe Coral I is a spacious well equipped motor yacht incorporating teakwood and modern decorum to give this unique Galapagos cruise an exclusive touch. Every cabin has a full private bath and is handsomely decorated using nautical wooden fixtures. The yacht interior is fully carpeted.

"this yacht provides comfortable lounges, dining salon and common areas with a TV and VCR, a well stocked bar, large viewing windows, and above all, an expansive observation deck with sun and shaded areas. The dining salon and the lounge are tastefully designed, and the yacht boasts three sun decks, one half-shaded. Coming equipped with all the standards you would expect from a yacht of this class, the Coral is a modern ship in a timeless realm.


Sunday : Charles Darwin Station (on Santa Cruz Island)
Monday : Suarez Point (on Española Island)
Tuesday : Cormorant Point (on Floreana Island)
Wednesday : North Seymour Island / Baltra Airport
Thursday : Rabida (on Jervis)
Friday : Espinoza Point (on Fernandina Island)
Saturday : Bartolome Island
Sunday : Charles Darwin Station (on Santa Cruz Island)

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