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Cruz del Sur cruise

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Galapagos cruises, Cruz del Sur cruiseBuilt in 1991, elegantly furnished, and sleek on the water, the Cruz del Sur is one in a series of ships that cruises the Galapagos with style. It is one in a series of ships that cruises the Galapagos with style and has capacity for 16 passengers.

The Cruz del Sur, a sixteen-passenger motor yacht, has eight double bunk cabins equipped with private facilities, hot water, air-conditioning, and views of the sea. It has a spacious interior, complete with comfortable lounge, communal dining area, as well as ample outdoor space in the sun and shade.


Day 1 : Baltra - Plazas
Day 2 : Santa Fe - San Cristobal
Day 3 : Española - Pta. Suarez - Bahia Gardner
Day 4 : Sta. Cruz - Puerto Ayora
Day 5 : North Seymour - Baltra - Sombrero Chino
Day 6 : Rabida - Puerto. Egas
Day 7 : Bartolome - Sullivan Bay
Day : Black Turtle - Baltra

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