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Daphne cruise

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Galapagos, Daphne cruiseFor over 20 years, Daphne Cruises has been the leader in Galapagos travel, offering a variety of tours, cruises and expeditions of the world famous Galapagos Islands aboard our first class yacht.

The Daphne has a comfortable dinning room and bar, sun deck, library, TV/VHS and full air conditioning. Cruise the Galapagos in absolute comfort as you discover the wonders of this archipelago.


Day 1 : Baltra - Bachas
Day 2 : Plazas - Santa Fe
Day 3 : Española - Suarez - Gardner Bay
Day 4 : Floreana - Cormorant - Post office
Day 5 : Pto. Ayora - Charles Darwin Station - Highlands
Day 6 : Rabida - Bartolome
Day 7 : Genovesa
Day 8 : North Seymour -Baltra

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