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Mistral cruise

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Galapagos Islands, Mistral cruiseMistral was built by Vanderhoeven Yachts of Holland and is ideal for the more adventurous naturalist or diver, who prefers the atmosphere of a small boat. Mistral is fully equipped for diving Accommodations are in 6 cabins with upper/lower berths for a total of 12 passengers. Each cabin has their private facilities with fresh hot and cold water showers and manually operated heads.

 The main salon is bright and has a warm, welcoming atmosphere; it is here your guide will offer evening briefings on each days activities. The lounge has ample windows offering stunning views of the scenery. At mealtimes, there are two alternatives: inside, in the salon and dining room, with tables for 8 and 4 guests respectively, or "al fresco", in the aft deck, where all guests can sit together.


Sunday :

Arrival at San Cristobal, Galapagos

Monday :

Hood (Española) Island: Punta Suarez

Tuesday :

Floreana Island: Devil's Crown - Punta Cormorant

Wednesday :

Santa Cruz: Highlands

Thursday :

Tower (Genovesa) Island - Prince Philip’s Steps

Friday :

Isabela (Albemarle) Island: Punta Vicente Roca

Saturday :

Santiago (San Salvador, James) Island - James Bay

Sunday : San Cristobal: Isla Lobos

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