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Darwin Research Station

Galapagos Islands snorkelingCharles Darwin Research Station is a primarily a center for evolutionary and ecological research, established in 1964 and works with the Galapagos National Park Service protecting the Galapagos Islands and Galapagos Marine Reserve.

Charles Darwin Research Station has carried out a vast range of activities and made remarkable achievements, from research into land and marine lives and ecology to activities more directly related to the conservation of the Islands' nature, including the protection and propagation of then-endangered elephant tortoises, as well as ecological education for the local public and worldwide information transmission concerning the situation on the Islands.

Galapagos Charles Darwin Research StationCharles Darwin Research Station attests to harmonious coexistence with the nature on the volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean, while combining scientific research on the evolution of life forms on earth and environmental protection.

Its activities have been making a major contribution to enticing people around the world to contemplate the evolution of life on earth.

CDRS promotes research tables and cooperative research agreements with both national and international scientific research institutions. The information generated by this research is provided to decision makers of the Government of Ecuador, published in refereed scientific journals and internal reports, and interpreted for visitors and environmental education programs in the Islands.

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