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Isabel Ontaneda, Miss Ecuador 2002An Ecuador tour offers travelers a look at both a geographically and ethnically diverse country. It is bordered in the north by Colombia and in the east and south by Peru. The Galapagos Islands are a province of Ecuador located 650 miles off Ecuador's Pacific coast.

Despite its small size, Ecuador is one of the world's most varied  countries. The country is divided in three regions: A highland region, the Sierra, crosses the central part of Ecuador from north to south. The Sierra consists of two parallel ranges (cordilleras) of the Andes and of upland basins, up to 65 km (40 mi) wide, that lie between the ranges. To the west of the Sierra is the Pacific coastal zone, the Costa. To the east of the Sierra is a part of the upper Amazon River basin, the Oriente or eastern jungle.

Quito, the country’s capital, is high in the Andes Mountains. Guayaquil, a port along the Pacific coast, is the largest city.

Ecuador climate

Ecuador, Cotopaxi volcanoEcuador's climate is equally generous to the traveler. Embracing the Pacific, Ecuador rests squarely on the equator (hence its name). Here, seasons are defined more by rainfall than temperature. A warm rainy season lasts from January to April, and May through December is characterized by a cooler, drier period that is ideally timed for a summer trip. Ecuador is a country of boundless diversity, friendly people and spectacular natural wonders.

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