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Pamela Cortez, Ecuadorian singerGuayaquil the Ecuador's largest city and is the focus of the nation's economy. Its  is wrestling its reputation as a sweltering, dangerous port town and standing it on its hot head. Guayaquil has recently undertaken massive urban renewal projects (which are focused primarily on attracting tourists to the city) on a scale nearly unmatched in South America.

Its flagship development project, called Malecon 2000, has transformed the once dangerous waterfront along the wide Rio Guayas into a 2.Skm outdoor architectural showpiece. The historical neighborhood of Las Peñas, as well as Guayaquil's principal downtown thoroughfare, 9 de Octubre, have also been restored. All these areas, as well as the city's downtown parks, plazas and museums, merit a day or two of exploration.

Guayaquil Ecuador, La RotondaGuayaquil has several colonial landmarks, including the church of Santo Domingo (16th cent.). It is the seat of three universities and a polytechnic institute.

Although most people fly to the Galapagos Islands from Quito, all flights to the islands either stop or originate in Guayaquil. Subsequently, Guayaquil is the next best place after Quito to set up a Galapagos trip. Besides being Ecuador's most populous city, the provincial capital is also, by far, the country's most important port. More exports and imports pass through Guayaquil than all other Ecuadorian ports combined.

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Ecuador main cities




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