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Fernandina Island

Galapagos beach, Fernandina islandThe famous Flightless Cormorant inhabits this island and also Penguins, pelicans and sea lions are abundant, a variety of herons, yellow warblers, pelicans, frigates, petrels, shearwaters and the large population of marine iguanas.

Different types of lava flows can be compared and the Mangrove Forests can be observed.

Marine iguanas are the only known lizards to have adapted themselves to a life dependent on the sea, feeding on the green algae and seaweed several feet below the water's surface.

You find them only in the Galapagos and Fernandina holds the largest colony.

Galapagos lava cactusPlants are nearly devoid in this area; Lava Cactus seems to be one of the few plants able to survive.

These small cacti live only a few years, growing in groups.  The spines are yellow when young darkening with age and the flower is a creamy white visible only in the early mornings.

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