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Floreana Island

Floreana Island, Galapagos The "joint footed" petrel is found here, a nocturnal sea bird which spends most of its life away from land.

The most visited places are: The historical Post Office Bay and Asilo de la Paz, Punta Cormorant, Corona del Diablo, Enderby, Gardner Bay.

At Post Office Bay, since the 18th century whalers kept a wooden barrel that served as post office so that mail could be picked up and delivered to their destination mainly Europe and the United States by ships on their way home. At the “Devil's Crown”, an underwater volcanic cone, coral formations are found.

Floreana island has 80 inhabitants, around 45 in Puerto Velasco lbarra and some more in the highlands. 15 people were born in the island, you may lodge at the Wittmer hotel.

Galapagos blue footed boobyThe most interesting sites to visit in the Floreana Islands are Punta Cormorant and Devils Crown. Stories tell that the first colonist of the Galapagos, an Irishman named Patrick Watkins, was stranded on Floreana in 1807 and lived by selling food supplies to visiting whaling ships.

Floreana Island isn't much to do here if you chose to stay, but you can take a good few hikes (guided by a naturalist) and enjoy the peace of the island.

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