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Isabela Island

Galapagos Island, Isabela cruiseLand Iguanas and Galapagos Tortoises can be observed, as well as Darwin Finches, Galapagos Hawks, Galapagos Doves and very interesting lowland vegetation.

The third-largest human settlement of the archipelago, Puerto Villamil, is located at the south-eastern tip of the island. With is exotic beauty of flora and fauna all around the urban area, Puerto Villamil is a must for all those who love nature. The visitors sites which are within reach from Puerto Villamil are the following: Volcano Sierra Negra, The Flamingo Pond, the crevice of the White Tip Sharks, the historic site of Wall of Tears, and the Giant Tortoises Raising Center of the National Park.

In the north of Isabela there is a small promontory known as Punta Vicente Roca, on the southwestern edge of Ecuador volcano. The point presides over a pair of jewel-like coves.

Galapagos Islands albatrossThe coves lie on either side of the eroded remains of a volcanic ash cone, which make up the point. The sheltered bay is a popular anchorage for boats and visitors may have a look around in dinghies.

The surrounding cliffs are actually the interior walls of a fallen volcano and there is a partly flooded cave.

Tourist places of the Island Isabela are Tagus Cove, Elizabeth Bay, Punta Albemarle, Urbina Bay, Las Tintoreras.

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Isabela Island
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