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Baltra (South Seymour)

Galapagos Islands, Baltra, South SeymourThe origin of its name is unknown. It has an area of 27 km2 and a maximum altitude of 100 metres. The main airport of the archipelago is located here and was built during WWII by the United States Navy to patrol the Panama Canal. Land iguanas were reintroduced after the native population became extinct during the time when American soldiers were posted in this island, and marine iguanas and marine turtles can also be seen here.

North Seymour

Galapagos North SeymourIts name was given after an English nobleman called Lord Hugh Seymour. It has an area of 1.9 km2 and a maximum altitude of 28 metres. This island is home to a large population of blue-footed boobies and swallow-tailed gulls. It hosts one of the largest populations of frigate birds, with their magnificent red pouches.

Rabida (Jervis)

Galapagos Rabida JervisIt bears the name of the convent of Rabida where Columbus left his son during his voyage to the Americas.  The high amount of iron contained in the lava at Rabida give it a distinctive red color. Flamingos and White-Cheeked Pintail Ducks live in a salt-water lagoon close to the beach, where brown pelicans and boobies have built their nests.

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