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San Cristobal Island

Galapagos Islands, San Cristobal Its vegetation includes Calandrina Galapagos, Lecocarpus Darwinii, trees such as Lignum Vitae, Matazarna.

The most important places to visit are: Ochoa beach, the new Interpretation Educational Center of the Galapagos, National Park, the Charles Darwin Scientific Station, Cerro Brujo, Punta Pitt, el Junco Lagoon and Lobos Island.

The largest fresh water lake in the archipelago, "Laguna El Junco" is located in the highlands of San Cristobal.

The capital of the archipelago, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, lies at the southern tip of the island. The main visitor sites here are El Junco Lagoon, Kicker Rock and Isla Lobos.

San Cristobal is the only island which has a sweet water small lake, which is located in "El Junco" Volcano Crater. Its liquid is vital for the Island population and most of the Galapagos tourist's ships.

Galapagos Islands iguanaThis water comes from the water vapor condensation. It have two airports many visitors will begin and end their tour here. With a relatively good infrastructure including hotels, restaurants, buses, taxis and visitor information it is one of the easiest islands for people interested in exploring the islands on their own.

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San Cristobal Island
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