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The Galapagos Islands and their natural riches have enjoyed great popularity throughout the world – and rightfully so. There are many activities and visitor sites.

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Espumilla beach: This is long golden beach behind which are mangroves and saltwater lagoons. Turtles nest on the beach but the feral pigs eat many of the eggs and so breeding levels are low. This exceptional beach is excellent for swimming.

Sullivan Bay: Galapagos Sullivan BaySullivan Bay is visited for its' geological features; a vast lava field only put down 100 years ago which still has only a couple of pioneering plants taking hold on what is an otherwise barren but interesting landscape. Birds were virtually non-existent, with only American Oystercatcher and Wandering Tattler feeding on the shoreline and of course the Frigatebirds watching from the air.

Buccaneer Cove: Buccaneer's Cove is a particularly scenic area of steep cliffs and dark beaches. The beaches inside the cave were used by buccaneers in the 17th and 18th century to careen their vessels. The surrounding cliffs and pinnacles are the nesting site of many different species of seabirds.

Puerto Egas: The landing is on a black beach with eroded rock formations in the background. The trail crosses the dry interior, where the remains of a salt-mining enterprise can still be seen and then continues along the coast. Intertidal pools are home to a variety of invertebrate organisms.

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Galapagos tours
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