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Punta Cormorant

Galapagos Islands, Floreana Islands toursPunta Cormorant has two contrasting beaches. A short walk inland and the trail comes to a brackish lagoon. This is home to one of the biggest populations of flamingos in the archipelago, these pink residents spend about 7 hours a day or more eating, and so take some binoculars to watch the ballet of necks as they gracefully move back and fourth, scouring the floor of the lagoon for little shrimp.

Devil's Crown

The Devil's Crown is a volcanic crater near Floreana that has been eroded by the waves. Here snorkelers are immersed in a world of color and movement filled with schools of fish that move as one: king angelfish, yellowtail surgeonfish, and needlefish. There are also sea stars, sea urchins, sleeping sharks, turtles, rays and many more, making this one of the best snorkeling sites in the Galapagos.

Post Office Bay

Post Office Bay is located along a white sand beach. Long used by whalers, the post office barrel has been in use since 1793. Today primarily tourists use the post office barrel, leaving a handful of postcards and in turn collecting postcards left by others. Traditionally it is expected that people will take only those mailings destined for people that they can personally deliver to, but these days people often settle for someone from their own country, and simply add postage and drop things in the mail upon their return home.

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