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Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

The Capital of the Galapagos Islands (population 4,000) and the oldest settlement. In 1985, an airstrip was built for flights to the mainland serviced by SAN Airlines. A small naval museum, souvenir shops and houses make up this small bayside village. Many tours begin and end their journey here.

Kicker Rock

It is a magnificent rock in the middle of the sea. Rising 500 feet straight from the ocean, this giant uplifted rock has the shape of a sleeping lion. It has a split with towering vertical walls on either side, forming a narrow channel through which small vessels can navigate.

Isla Lobos

Galapagos tours, San Cristobal Island tours, snorkelingHeading up the coast from Wreck Bay and Puerto Baquerizo, you will see Isla Lobos across a small channel off the coast of San Cristobal. The basalt island outcropping lives up to its name of "Sea Lion Island" with a noisy population of frolicking and barking beasts. It is also a nesting place for blue-footed boobies and an excellent spot for snorkeling.

Punta Pitt

It is one of the two places where you can see a whole colony of red-footed boobies (the other one is on Tower Island). See also masked boobies, hawks and sea lions.

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