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Gardner Bay is a about 1km long beach that is among the most magnificent in all Galapagos. It is home to many sea lion colonies and the turquoise colored water makes a beautiful contrast to the white sand that consists of shell dust. On the rocks mingle big marine iguanas and sally light-foot crab. Mocking birds fight for their territory and inspect the backpacks of the tourists. About 50m of the coast there is a rock where you can encounter tropic fish and rays while snorkeling.

Gardner Bay

Gardner Bay offers a great possibility for the visitor to enjoy some beach time in the Galapagos. Here, the extroverted mockingbirds sit on top of visitor’s hats, peck at their feet and investigate their belongings. Snorkeling at Gardner Bay is fantastic. This is often your first chance to swim with the Sea Lions and this is an opportunity not to be missed.

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Tagus Cove

Tagus Cove is a favorite stop for Galapagos visitors because there is a picturesque crater near the cove as well as graffiti from the 1800s on the seacliffs. Tagus Cove, named for the British naval vessel that moored here in 1814, was used historically as an anchorage for pirates and whalers.

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