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Urbina Bay

Located on the western coast at the foot of Alcedo Volcano, this area was uplifted from the sea in 1954. The site is relatively flat, distinguished by corals and other marine formations which were lifted out of the sea by the uplift.

Punta Albemarle

Galapagos Islands tours, Isabela Island tours, kayakingAt Isabela's remote northern tip reminisce of a U.S. WWII radar base lines the shore. The rough seas and pounding surf make it difficult for visitors to do much more than see the water barrels left behind. Punta Albemarle is the home of the largest species of Marine Iguanas on the islands, Flightless Cormorants and Sea Lions.

Elizabeth Bay

Elizabeth Bay is a marine visitor site, rich in marine and bird activity. A colony of penguins inhabit a rocky islet at the entrance to Elizabeth Bay.

Las Tintoreras

Here you can observe the white tipped shark. It needs only a 5 min drive in a dinghy from Port Villamil. There is also a trail that allows you to see other plants and animals.

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