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Punta Espinosa

Galapagos Islands tours, Fernandina IslandPunta Espinoza visitor site is at the northeast of Fernandina Island and is arguably the best visitor site in the Galapagos. In the foreground a gnarled log of driftwood leads us to the black lava rock which partly encloses a lagoon. Beyond the waves is the Bolivar Channel, the strait between Fernandina and Isabela Island.  Mangroves and cacti dominate the vegetation.

Fernandina shows traces of recent eruptions from La Cumbre, like this cracked lava flow some 100 hundred years old.

Bartolome Island tours

Pinnacle Rock

The Pinnacle Rock, Bartolome, Galapagos Islands is a well known landmark in the archipelago, and the surrounding area has some good beaches and snorkeling. Penguins and seals can often be seen at the base of the rock.

The 200 m high volcanic rock is a spectacular and famous view from the highest point of the island. Various volcanic formations are identified such as spatter and tuff cones.

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